Last night while I was sitting around watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (shout out to that show, it’s great) and cuddling with my adorable puppy, Beau, when I realized something that I sometimes forget to tell myself, it’s okay to be content with who you are.

As a twenty-something, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in resumes, job hunts, GPA points, killer bods, friends, love, blah, blah, blah the list goes on for absolutely EVER. But why is it that we always dwell on these things. As I watched Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, instead of enjoying the show, I began finding myself comparing everything in my life to the characters who were in the show. Why is my body not as good as hers, why am I not as successful as her, why am I not as put-together as her? But then I asked myself, why is it so easy to do this?

Why is it so hard to put together a resume filled with amazing things about ourselves but it is so easy to put together a long list of things that we don’t have, that someone else does.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and wishing to become something we are not, and start accepting ourselves and perfecting ourselves to be the best version of US. Applying for jobs is STRESS, perfecting your resume is STRESS, trying to have a killer body is STRESS. Notice a pattern… stress is everywhere in everything we do. SO WHY ADD MORE STRESS TO OUR LIVES?

It’s like we are trying to punish ourselves. Instead of envying other people, we should be focusing on the things that we do have and the things that we are good at!

Jealously SUCKS, so why do we engage in it?

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