25 things I LOVE to complain about… (first world problems)

  1. When my internet is down
  2. When restaurants charge for water…IT’S WATER.
  3. When I get a manicure and then one nail chips
  4. When I text someone a long message and they respond with one word
  5. When I cut my hair short because “I want a change” and then regret it immediately
  6. When my internet is down
  7. When nobody mentioned I should bring an umbrella
  8. When I have “nothing to wear” but own way too many clothes
  9. When my brand-new shoes hurt my feet
  10. When my Uber says it’s here, but it’s not.
  11. When my internet is down
  12. When it’s too hot to wear pants but I don’t want to wear shorts
  13. When my Instagram feed is dead and I keep refreshing and nothing new pops up
  14. The fact that healthy food is too expensive
  15. When my spray tan gets on my bed sheets
  16. When my internet is down
  17. When people rev their car engines… so cool…
  18. When people text at stop lights and then it turns green and they don’t go
  19. The fact that Channing Tatum is married
  20. When my internet is down
  21. When my to-do list is long but I just need a nap
  22. When there are no diet chasers at the pregame
  23. The fact that Monday exists
  24. When people don’t want to go out until midnight, I get tired, okay?
  25. Did I mention when my internet is down


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