4 Essentials To Have On Hand When Losing Weight

  1. Protein powder: this is a must… there are so many protein powders you need to find the flavor and brand that tastes the best to you. My favorite way to use protein powder is blending 1 scoop of the vanilla protein powder with a bunch of frozen fruit and some water and it’s amazing.
    • My personal fav: QUEST!! I am obsessed with quest…
  1. WATER: lots and lots and lots of water. Water keeps you on track with your diet and makes you less hungry. I think the easiest way to drink a lot of water is to keep cold water bottles on hand. This way, if you ever walk by the fridge, there is no excuse not to grab one over a soda.
    • My personal fav: my favorite thing in the whole world is sparkling water (club soda). If you like sparking water, I HIGHLY recommend getting a bit of orange juice and mixing it with a glass of sparking water… this makes drinking water way more enjoyable for me.
  1. Light, low calorie snacks: this is important because if you don’t eat for a really long time you WILL get hungry, it’s inevitable. Keeping low-calorie healthy snacks around is key because if you eat something before the hunger is out of control, you will not find yourself wanting to eat everything in sight.
    • My personal fav: I like the light and fit brand of Greek yogurt! It’s amazing. My favorite flavor is the black cherry! Only 80 calories and SO good.
  1. Pre-workout: if you have never tried pre-workout, TRY IT. It is a game changer when it comes to getting the most of a workout. You will burn more calories (faster heart rate and more energy) and you will actually want to work out. I always joke, it makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel… I just want to run as fast as I can.
    • My personal fav: the brand C4 is my favorite pre-workout. After taking it, it might make your hands a bit tingly but that is totally normal (it’s from the beta alanine) C4 is by far the pre-workout I have tried and I see the most benefits with it. It comes in powder form that you mix with water and a drink form. I prefer the drink option! (pink lemonade is the best… trust me.)



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