Change Your Mindset To Change Your Life

“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.”
—Allen Ginsberg, WD

Have you ever read a quote and felt so impacted by it that you saw the whole world differently? Like suddenly everything made sense? Well that is how this quote was for me.

This quote inspired me to create my blog. It was the tiny push that I needed to jump into this whole blogging world head first.

Starting a blog has always been something I really wanted to do but I was always terrified of what others would think.

What if no one likes it?

What if no one reads it?

What if all of my blog posts are boring?

Ah the embarrassment! 

When I read this quote for the first time, the words came off the page and smacked me right in the face! I realized that you can’t write anything meaningful or authentic if you’re terrified about what others will think of what you wrote! If you spend your time worrying about what others will think of your writing, you will write FOR THEM and not FOR YOU. 

Oh yeah, and by the way, this quote applies to absolutely anything in your life that you are afraid of…

  • Making a big presentation
  • going on that first date that you’re nervous for
  • going to interview for your dream job

…the list goes on forever

If you let yourself forget that your voice is being heard by others and focus on what YOU want to say and how YOU feel, you will be able to find a voice of your own.

And hey with this new-found voice of yours, you might even get the boy or the dream job.

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