DIY- Super easy gift!

I recently made some gifts for friends and they were SUPER easy to make and turned out ADORABLE. So, I thought I would share how I did it in case y’all have any fun things coming up that you need gifts for!

Stuff you will need for this DIY project:

  • Mugs (any kind… many one that matches the theme of the event/holiday)
  • Confetti stuffing (any color to match event)
  • Candy (any kind, maybe go with the color of the event/holiday)
  • Foldable mini boxes
  • Tape

(For my gifts I used Rolos as my candy and orange confetti stuffing and I purchased both in bulk from Amazon! Both shown below!)

Step #1: fill the mugs with candy. This step is super simple! You can either fill the mug all the way with candy, or what I did was stuff the bottom with confetti and then filled the top with candy so that the mug looked fuller without using as much candy.

  • The candy can vary for what the gift is for! Candy corn could be good for Halloween, candy cane for winter, or even a blue or pink colored candy for a baby shower!

Step #2: fill the foldable box with confetti stuffing! This will make the box look colorful and match the mug.

  • Make sure to get confetti stuffing that matches the theme of the event as well!

Step #3: take the mug and set it inside the box, then fill around the mug with confetti stuffing as needed.

Step #4: close the box and tape the box closed so that the stuffing does not push the box open.

Step #5: get cute labels for the top of the box!! This can be easily made on Canva (a website that is great for designing different things)

  • a good label size is around 31/3 inch for the thickness and 4 inches for the width which you can buy from any office supply store and print from your own computer! Here is a photo of the one I used. If you get these, you can go to the Avery website and download their template and paste the Canva design right in there!! Super easy!



If you have any questions let me know!! Happy crafting!



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