The Best Way to Keep Those Pesky Passwords Organized

I am about to truly change your life here so hold on to your pants and get ready to be a new person.

I am going to start out by assuming you have 1 or maybe even 2 passwords that you ALWAYS use, they are your go-to passwords for every website you have an account for.

But, have you ever been to a new website and they make you change up your go-to password because, “it needs to have a capital letter AND a special character.” (THEY ARE LIFE RUINERS!)

This happens to me all the time, I would go to a website and lock myself out because I tried every password I could possibly think of. It used to irritate me so much that I began to write down all of my passwords in my notes application on my phone. But then one day I got my phone stolen and the first thing that came to mind was, “OH MY GOSH ALL OF MY PASSWORDS TO EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE ARE ALL IN MY NOTES.”

After quickly deactivating my phone so that it erased everything and no one could get to it, I decided there had to be a better and safer way of keeping track of my passwords. Which is when I found LastPass. Okay now get ready, here is where your life changes.

This app saves ALL of your passwords into one little app that is fully protected a password. But this password will be your ONE AND ONLY password from now on.

In order to log into ANY of your apps, all you have to do is simply input that LastPass password and BOOM just like that you’re in.

There is no need to remember which password goes with which website. Or remember if one website required an exclamation point at the end of the password… all you have to remember is ONE simple password and that’s it.

This app also works on your smartphone, tablet, lap top, apple watch, literally any device where you would need to log into something, it is there.

And best of all…. IT’S FREE!

By the way I am not at all endorsing LastPass!! It’s just an awesome resource I wanted to share.

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