The two cutest dogs you will ever meet, Beau & Cooper

I wanted to make a post about my 2 ADORABLE rescue pups named Beau and Cooper.

Beau is a seven-year-old toy poodle who has a serious personality. Let me tell you, this boy has a mind of his own. You know that friend you have that doesn’t stop talking…ever? Well picture that friend of yours as a dog and that’s beau in a nutshell.If I were to picture beau as a human, he would dress to the nines every day and drive a fancy convertible. Another thing that Beau does is if you stop petting him for literally one second he will whack you in the face with his paw to remind you that you were in the middle of petting him and you are not finished yet. And while he is whacking you in the face with his paw, he gives you this cute little puppy dog face that makes your heart melt so OBVIOUSLY you keep petting him and then BOOM the cycle continues. De is for sure a little spoiled price.

Cooper on the other hand is still just a puppy and he is definitely one of those dogs that is so ugly that he is the cutest thing you have ever seen in your whole life. Do you know what I am talking about? Those dogs that you see on YouTube or Facebook that are super ugly but everything they do is cute? and you cant help but stop watching them because they are just so stinkin cute? Well that is cooper. Cooper has a snaggle tooth and walks with his knees pointed outwards. I know it may not sound like it but trust me, he’s the cutest.

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